DeRobert & The Half-Truths – “I’m Tryin’/Beg Me” CD

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DeRobert & The Half-Truths – “I’m Tryin’/Beg Me” CD


Reissue of the original “I’m Tryin'” CD with bonus tracks from the “Beg Me” EP included! 

The “Beg Me” tracks have never been available on CD before

One of the key features that make this music so special is what has been described as “an audible sweat” embedded in the recordings. Recorded exclusively in Nick DeVan’s Poor Man Studio, the musicians huddle together in a small heavily insulated social room and grind out hard-boiled track after track. All the musicians are working class folks eking out a living with side jobs and long stints on the road. The recurring themes of poverty, heartbreak and the perpetual struggle to stay on top is reflected in the music.

The new record, “I’m Tryin'” (available Jan 14, 2014) is a testament to a kind of working man’s soul music. Holding true to the rhythmic elements of the old days while liberal splashes of DeRoberts modern vocal punctuate the melody like a possessed pugilist sets the group apart from other soul revival acts.

“I’m Tryin'” is the result of two years of hard traveling and sweat drench recording sessions in the “not-so-trendy” working class section of East Nashville. The band and label, both operating on a shoe string budget led a successful crowd funding campaign to finance this record as well as two more down the road. The result is by far one of the finest recordings produced by DeRobert and G.E.D. Soul Records.

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