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The Coolin’ System have rightfully earned the title of Music City’s “Champions of Soul-Jazz”. The seven-piece combo got their start in 2008 when what started as a weekly jam session turned into a full-on exercise in molten-hot jazz and soul. Since those heady early days in Nashville, the band has built a serious following among the city’s more hip, soul and R&B fans with their scorching live shows.

In 2010, the Coolin’ System released their first recording on 45rpm vinyl through G.E.D. Soul Records. The two songs, “The Prophet” and “Dracula,” marked the first time Poor Man Studios had crammed a full band into their then Murfreesboro, Tennessee home to let them shed live. The record’s sound was golden and the band’s unique take on some of the genre’s classic arrangements began to catch the ears of soul music lovers around the world.

In 2011, they released their phenomenal debut, full-length album along with another killer 45, “I Need Some Money” b/w “To Be Named Later” which featured the first appearance on record of  future Jiggawatts singer, AJ Eason. What started as a musical oddity in Nashville, Tennessee evolved into a soul-jazz tour de force, helping people get down on a worldwide scale.

Now in 2014, we are gearing up for what could possibly be the band’s last release.  Recorded on Memorial Day 2012 live at Poor Man Studios in tough-as-nails East Nashville, the group intended the session to mark the end of its run as band members were moving on to even bigger opportunities. Buried in the G.E.D. Soul vaults ever since, the session, now entitled “Refrigerate After Opening.” is getting a glossy new release on LP vinyl.

Tackling classic deep-cut tunes by Horace Silver, Jimmy McGriff, Lou Donaldson, Cedar Walton, and many more, the new album mixes a fierce-funk attack with movements that take the listener straight into outer space. By the end of the classic Keith Mansfield tune, “Soul Thing,” you will want to flip this record right back to Side A and start it all over again. It represents all the hardwork, love, and sweat that these seven guys put into playing this style of music and at G.E.D. Soul, we are pretty excited to share it with the world.