The G.E.D. Soul Story

G.E.D. Soul Records

The G.E.D. Soul Story

G.E.D. Soul Records was formed in the Summer of 2007 by Nick DeVan and Dave Singleton in Murfreesboro, TN.  But the story really began a couple years before that at Middle Tennessee State University where DeVan and Singleton had a weekly deep funk radio show called the G.E.D. Soul Revue.  The radio show necessitated the acquisition of countless hard funk and soul records, all of which were consumed in a manner befitting a soul music junky trying to scratch an unreachable itch.

  This habit continued unchecked for about three years when the idea to press a funk 45 of their own was bandied about.  Nick, who engineers and mixes all of the label’s releases had recently acquired a couple old tape machines which were put to use rather quickly to capture the rough and tough sounds that would comprise the first 45 from a fictitious group called the Grips.  Drums and bass were recorded through a single microphone which was run through a fender reverb guitar amp to a 4 track cassette recorder which was then bounced to a 1/4″ tape deck for overdubs and then promptly smashed down to a 1/8″ Teac 2 track reel to reel.  It was a gritty record for sure, but by no means was it the grittiest.

  Dee Adams, joined the picture at precisely this moment as he leant his masterfully powerful vocals to the A-Side, “Tennessee Strut” and the record was sent out into the wild with absolutely no fan fare.  But little by little, word began to spread about the gritty little yellow 7″ and before too long it was decided that Dee, or DeRobert, needed his own band.  So the three friends cobbled together many incarnations of the Half-Truths and the rest is history.

  In more recent years, G.E.D. Soul’s line up has grown to include other Nashville based funk & soul acts including AJ & The Jiggawatts, the Coolin’ System, Magic in Threes, and more.

  G.E.D. Soul is an independent musician owned record label. Operated on a shoestring budget, almost everyone involved juggles an intense love for music with the daily grind of a menial day job. Some say that type of daily struggling effects the music, we think so, in a positive way. When you purchase a record, CD, or download an MP3 from G.E.D. Soul, you are directly supporting a group of hardcore do-it-yourselfers who live and breath soul music and want nothing more than to continue bringing it to your ears, one record at a time.